Purple Pants: Styling Secrets Revealed

Purple color has been overlooked for long, but now it’s ruling the fashion scene, and how! It does deserve the limelight, as it instantly glams up any outfit. Purple pants are a wardrobe-must, for both men and women. There are so many shades of purple you can try! If you are a conventional dresser opt for dark purples, if you like it subtle then lavender is the shade for you, or go for neon purples if you want it funky!

Now considering the mind-boggling options we are presented with in current times, it’s really tricky for one to decide what to wear with purple pants. No worries folks! We have the answer for you. Through this article you’ll know what colors complement your purple pants the best. Read on, and pair them right!

For Women
There are so many ways in which you can flaunt your purple pants. And, contrary to the belief there are many colors that actually look good with purple. We give you some options…

Wear it with white…

Purple Pants With White

Purple pants with white color shirts is like a classic combo, which

Tips for Short Women with Jeans

A woman’s wardrobe can’t be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a 6 feet tall girl or you fall in the category of petite women, this is a must have clothing for all. However, buying jeans has always been a tricky task for short women, due to the tough task of finding the right piece for their height and body. There are actually a few things mentioned below, which you need to consider while shopping for jeans for short women.

Which Style to Pick?
Jeans with straight legs are one of the best picks for petite women. These give a vertical look to the legs that help women look leaner and taller. Make sure, you go for the right length.
If you are thin or medium-sized, skinny jeans are the right choice for you. These will instantly give you a taller appearance.
A slight boot cut is another great idea. This is the perfect style for those who are short and have a triangle or an hourglass shaped figure. Remember, a slight boot cut!
Wide leg styles can

Women’s Fashion 60’s

Fashion as we know is cyclic and what is trendy and fashionable today, might not be in fashion in a month or so. Nowadays there is a great focus on the fashion of ’60s, brought on by the fashionable ’60s’ clothes as depicted in the television series Mad Men. If you look at the current runway collection of leading fashion designers and design houses like Louis Vuitton and Prada, you will notice that these designers are greatly influenced by ’60s’ fashion for women. Full skirts with clinched waist, pleated calf length skirts and paisley and floral prints can all be seen in this collection. These key fashion trends are all relics of the ’60s and it goes to show that ’60s’ fashion trends can still influence fashion of today.

’60s Fashion and Style for Women

When we talk about ’60s’ fashion, we cannot assume the whole of ’60s to have a uniform fashion trend. To understand ’60s’ fashion, we need to divide it into the early ’60s, the mid ’60s and the late ’60s. Fashion in the early ’60s was still heavily influenced by ’50s’

The world of Famous Fashion Designers

The last century saw some real innovation in terms of both men’s and women’s clothing. Spearheading this revolution were a class of fashion artists whom we refer to as fashion designers. Many of the famous fashion designers of the previous century are known till today for their ability to showcase the beauty of a woman’s body by way of clever, stylish, creative and elegant clothing. Below is a list of all such designers who have made women look stunning, sensuous and gorgeous through their interesting and unique designs.

Renowned Designers

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren tried his hands at many things before he became a fashion designer. His education was in business science, he served in the army and even worked as a road salesman for a clothes company. It was in the year 1967 that he launched polo ties. In the next four years, he launched both men’s and women’s wear. In the year 1983, he became the first fashion designer to come up with a home collection. Today, his lines include Ralph Lauren Collections, Polo Sport, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Gianni and Donatella Versace
Gianni Versace began designing clothes at the age of twenty five. Many of his creations featured in magazines

Fashion Accessories

It’s that time of the year again. The weather is a little cooler, there’s a slight nip in the air. Bold, beautiful, rich colors, like orange, amber, red, and yellow, take over the trees, and as you walk along pathways strewn with leaves, the sound of them getting crushed is magnified in your ears. You can smell the pumpkin pie, and feel the enthusiasm that the festive season promises to bring with it. Fall can make even the most cynical of humans slightly romantic. It is a mystery that has never been solved.

But with all those nostalgia-worthy moments that fall brings, also comes the time for another wardrobe overhaul. And the realization that it’s time to relegate the gorgeous summer dresses and open-toed shoes to the back of your cupboards. It’s the season to go all out with the oh-so-trendy fall staples, like oversized jackets, sweatshirts, tea-length skirts, plaid shirts, etc. But the true standout winner of the What Can I Not Do Without this Fall war is the accessories brigade. And we have made it our personal agenda to keep you right on track with the most essential must-have accessories you need to own this fall.
Accessories We Love

Fashion Trends for Women in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval period, is dated by some scholars from the 5th century to the 16th century. This period was marked by many changes. The medieval period is divided into three periods: The Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages.
Being well-groomed was not about the wide variety that we have today. Clothing during the medieval period was also restricted to the social status one belonged to. The elite class had a different style of dressing as compared to the peasant folk.
The wealthy were seen in highly fashionable attire. The lords during the period were seen adorned in silks and luxurious fabrics. The Sumptuary Laws that were passed during this period were interesting. Special tailors created clothing in the medieval period for the royals. With the Sumptuary Laws being enforced, people who violated the same faced severe penalty. These laws enforced rules such as the wealthy class of the society would be the only ones seen wearing fashionable clothing. A violation of the same would result in loss of property or heavy fines as well!
Fashion for the common folks was all about loose linen or wool. Men were

How to Choose and Wear the Right Clothes

Fashion is fickle and fashion trends keep changing with time. In this world where big brands are all set to woo people with their designer line, shopping is quite a task. Take a look around you and you have the widest range in all colors and one surely is spoiled for choice. Shopping is not easy when the options are aplenty. Even then, hard-core fashionistas swear that they don’t follow fashion trends. The kind of fashion you opt for should suit your body shape and type. Different styles of clothing create different kinds of effects on people. The kind of colors one chooses should also blend well with the skin tone. Here are the different types of clothing gear and how to choose flattering styles.

How to Choose Clothes that Flatter You?

Take a peek into your wardrobe, it would mostly comprise jeans, T-shirts, cargos, dresses, and formal wear. But, you need to know that there is a technique in choosing these different kinds of clothing items. Here are some tips that would clear the basic doubts.

Jeans: Usually, you tend to pick up all the latest trends amongst jeans to fill your wardrobe. That’s exactly where you are going wrong. Jeans with

We’re Sharing Some Secrets

So you want to be a scene kid? Tip number one: don’t tell anyone that you are a scene kid. Let them label you as one themselves. But how will they do that when you do not have the attitude, dressing style, or interests of a scene kid? Tip number two: fake it! If being one does not come naturally to you, the only option you have is to copy the kids that you see around you.

These kids are loud, confident, and believe in having a good time. They are on all the prominent social networking sites and make hundreds of online friends. Their make-up and dressing sense are very different from regular teen fashion.
Kids of this clique mostly wear tight-fitting t-shirts and skinny jeans. So when you go shopping for clothes, keep this in mind. The t-shirts should have some kind of wording, graphic print, or cartoon on them. Black and white are the most popular colors for scene clothing so include lots of white and black tees in your wardrobe. The jeans can be a regular blue or you can even opt for other bright colors depending upon your choice. If you like experimenting, then you

Men’s Fashion Magazines

Putting fashion and men in the same sentence can seem like a bit of a mismatch. Most guys take their prejudices where the words fashion and style are concerned, to unimaginable heights. And the reason is often something as silly as ‘women perceive men interested in fashion as feminine’. Let’s set the record straight here. I speak for most women when I say that women love a guy who makes an effort to be well-dressed and stylish. We love men who know their clothes, their brands, and their designers. It is a welcome change from guys who might as well be relics from the Ice Age who believe that being particular about their clothes is a ‘woman’ thing, and they can continue wearing the same clothes they wore in high school and still have women swooning over them. Being fashion-conscious is a good thing and it is high time these guys manned up.

A guy who is willing to give it a go and embrace style and fashion needs some good advice along the way. And the best way to do that is to browse through some of the most popular and well-known fashion publications in the market. These magazines

Fashion Advice Men

When it comes to fashion, style, and dressing in a trendy way, most men find themselves at sea. I have seen many men who still dress up the way they used to during college, although now they are well into their late twenties! What most men don’t realize is that with a bit of creativity, they can completely turn around the way they look and dress up.
Dress Your Age
It is very important that a man dresses his age. For instance, a low cut jeans would look great on a teen or a 20 something guy, but the same on a forty or fifty year old, no matter how maintained or toned his body is, would look ridiculous.
Make Comfort Your priority
Your clothing should be such that you are completely at ease in it. Comfortable clothes, more than any of the trendy ones, will make you look much more confident and stylish any day! So, avoid blindly running after brands and latest trends. Instead, develop your own unique, comfortable dressing style.
Get the Correct Fit
Always buy clothes which fit on perfectly, i.e., they should be neither too loose nor too tight. The right fit for you would

Summer Cocktail Dresses

Every young girl at some point of time, dresses up in her mother’s high heels, wears her mother’s makeup, and trots around the house, ready in her own eyes to accept any party invite that comes her way. There starts every woman’s intrinsic love for clothes and more importantly, fashion. And whether our intellectual part accepts our ‘fashion consciousness’ or not, it does not take away from the fact that it is that need to look good that drives us to look out for new trends every season. What we wear in the winter, spring, and summer is determined by the nip in the air and the heat wave, but more so by what is in and what is out. So as the temperature rises and we gulp down glasses of lemonade, what is the prediction for summer cocktail dresses? Here are our top picks as we mark out the best cocktail dresses for summer.

Tips for Cocktail Dresses for Summer

If you are looking out for a summer cocktail dress, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to let the dress be simple and well cut. The embellishments on the dress and the accessories you wear

Groom Dresses for Winter

Parents of the bride and groom are often the second most important people on the wedding. The two mothers especially make a very cute picture with the couple. Needless to say, if you are a mother of the bride or groom, you should take special efforts to look great on your child’s wedding day. A wedding dress goes a long way in making your impression on such an important occasion of your life. Hence, you should give a great deal of thought to your wedding outfit.
Designs for Mother of the Groom Dresses
Black Long Gown for Mother of the Groom
Black Long Gown
Blue Long One Shoulder Dress for Mother of the Groom
Blue Long One Shoulder Dress
Purple Long Halter Dress for Mother of the Groom
Purple Long Halter Dress
Red Long Satin Gown for Mother of the Groom
Red Long Satin Gown

How to Choose Mother of the Groom Dresses for Winter
An old-fashioned etiquette says that mother of the groom should wait for mother of the bride to pick her dress first. Though not absolutely necessary, the style, pattern of the two mothers should have some similarity. Most importantly, they should have the same degree of formality.

Fold the Handkerchief for a Classic Look

The handkerchief has gone beyond its basic purpose (used for blowing your nose), and has now become a trendy fashion accessory for men. In fact, it is available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. It serves to complete a man’s formal attire, resting in the breast pocket of the tuxedo, blazer, or suit. If you are dressing for a black tie affair, a good handkerchief, shaped in the right manner, will definitely add more glamor to your overall appearance. Handkerchief folding isn’t just about wrapping a kerchief and placing it in your pocket. The styles in which they can be shaped are numerous.

While it may seem insignificant, you can only tell the difference in your outfit after you have added a well-folded kerchief to it. To transform your outfit, choose from a variety of styles presented here. Keep in mind that the cloth should be well-pressed before you begin the procedure.

The One-Corner Up Fold
This style is best suited for very formal occasions, and should ideally be made with a single colored handkerchief.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Create a triangle by folding it across the center, so that two opposite corners are placed upon

Fashion Merchandising

Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Jimmy Choo are some of the many famous fashion designers with the ability to blend the fashion and business with such elegance, that when models walk on ramp wearing their creations, people are enthralled and bemused. However, everything that goes into the creation of a fashion trend involves more hard work and less glamor. A fashion merchandiser knows the knack of bringing together all the areas of the fashion business, and managing it. He designs and develops new products that are unique and innovative, creates sales, and develops marketing plans to make his range of merchandise a success. If you’ve decided that you want to become a fashion merchandiser, world’s best schools for fashion trade root for your success by providing you the best education and training that is required in the cutting-edge environment of the fashion industry. But before we enlist the best educational institutions in the world dedicated to this field, let us first understand what a fashion merchandising institution imparts, in a student who has hots for the latest fashion trends, and wants to take it to the next level with his hard work.

Fashion Merchandising Institutes

Schools that are crème de la crème

Fashion Designer

Fashion is an ever changing entity, where nothing remains permanent. So, it is necessary to constantly research about the ongoing trends. Along with the current fashion, one must also be aware of the old fashion styles, so that one can adapt and create new ones. To be a good fashion designer, it is necessary to be creative to imagine something new and innovative. One has to find a balance between new trends and one’s innovative ideas. One should constantly read fashion related articles and magazines, to be up-to-date about the latest fashion trends.
A fashion designer is a person who designs clothes, by closely following latest fashion trends. At fashion shows and fashion weeks, fashion designers exhibit their creations in front of the world. For most people, fashion designing ends there. But, actually fashion designing is much more than that. Fashion designers are not just the ones whose garments appear on fashion shows. In fact, every piece of cloth that we wear, is the work of a designer.
One of the very important things required to become a fashion designer is knowing the technical aspects of designing. For this, it is important to join a course in fashion designing. One

Choosing Handkerchiefs for Men

This is a quote by Allan Flusser. Sounds so true, does it not? Well, women do carry handkerchiefs, but what about men? Do they? Let’s unravel the mystery.

Taking up from the point I just pointed out, men are indeed shy to carry a handkerchief even when they have a blocked nose or a nose that promises to run a water supply facility 24/7. However, they fail to understand that this very unappealing tendency is doing a fantastic job of letting them down every time they strut around looking out for tissues in the vicinity. The scenario turns all the more anecdotal when the sneeze is about to prove its intensity. Well, to deviate on a serious note, maintaining hygiene is of paramount importance, in an age that marks the birth of novel diseases and ailments that are making their way up the ladder to prove their potency. Apart from personal hygiene, another factor that shares the platter of dominance is that of personal grooming. The art of handkerchief folding is far from realization for the men folk! Let us take one scenario with two situations.

Scenario 1 – A man has adorned a dinner jacket, with classy cuff links and polished

Dress Code Means for Men and Women

When you want to pick out clothes for a cocktail party, the first thing that will give you a clue as to what to wear is the invitation that you have received. If the mode or manner in which the invitation was sent out was casual, that is, it was given over the phone or sent out as an email, then chances are that the dress code is going to be relaxed and casual.

On the other hand, if you have received a formal invitation with an R.S.V.P, you are looking at a formal event. In the latter scenario, more often than not, the host will specify some form of dress code. There will be options mentioned like semi formal, black tie optional, casual, etc. According to these details, pick out a suitable attire for the party.
Another important tip that will help you pick out the right attire for the outing would be to choose the right fabric. This is important. Wearing a wool blend or knitted dress to a cocktail party in the summer is definitely avoidable. The color of the fabric should also preferably depend on the season.
In winters, it is advisable to pick clothes in dark

Fancy Dresses That Juniors

Here’s what you do, stand (or sit) somewhere on the periphery of a busy street and watch young people go by. Don’t gawk though, just look. What you’ll see is that there are so many new and interesting designs of fashion clothing on them, it’ll blow you away.

The fashion world is not limited to adults and super models anymore… let’s just make way for the juniors, people. And what are some of these fancy dresses that we’ve spoken so much about? That is what this article is all about. If you have a special occasion to go to and need to be dressed in some of the best ensemble out there, continue reading the following article. Use these ideas to design some of the best dresses and nothing will stop you from standing out in a crowd. Seriously, try some of these trendy clothes and make the most happening teen fashion statement of the season.

Party Dresses for Juniors
Not the dull and mundane, everyday kind of clothing, we strictly speak of fancy dresses for kids. Something that they can wear and flaunt their way there. Here are some interesting designs to look into.


Dresses have made a big time come

Style Boys

A sleeveless hoodie has definitely got to be one of the most trendy and fashionable piece of clothing for guys. It is so versatile that it would help you flaunt your style quotient in a very distinguished manner that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. This is one of the most dynamic piece of men’s clothing that can heighten your look without having to do much. They are a great alternative to jackets that are quite an inconvenience to wear during summers. Heavy weight jackets also overshadow the entire design of your inner T-shirt or an entire outfit for that matter. On the other hand, sleeveless hoodies are projectile, light weight, and easy to adorn. There are many designs and patterns that cater to different tastes of all men.
Black Hoodies: As they say, black is beautiful! These are simple and good for those guys who wish to have a simple yet a stylish look. Black hoodies can go with almost any kind of shirt inside and can be worn with bottoms in almost any color.
Skull Hoodies: If you want to get the heads turning in your college or high school then skull hoodies are best for you. But,

How to Get the Perfect Supple Lips

The perfect pair of lips can really make your face look brighter, happier, and alluring. However, to look our best requires a certain amount of effort, since most of us are not blessed with movie star features.
This is the reason why we’re including these easy tips to help you primp your lips in a natural, non-cosmetic manner. Take a look.

Simple Tricks to Make Your Lips Look Perfect
Trick # 1
Lips are delicate and the skin on the lips is sensitive. So sensitive that smoking can darken it and the sun can damage it. So, make sure you use a lip balm that has a high SPF, especially if you are a smoker. The sunscreen will reduce the dehydrating impact of the cigarette and protect the lips from the harmful UV rays as well. More so, it will also help avoid discoloration as well.
Trick # 2
Make sure that you exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Mild scrubbing with a toothbrush in a circular motion will do the trick. It will remove all the dead cells and soften the lips as well. However, always remember to moisturize your lips well after you exfoliate them. Else they will