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Summer Cocktail Dresses

Every young girl at some point of time, dresses up in her mother’s high heels, wears her mother’s makeup, and trots around the house, ready in her own eyes to accept any party invite that comes her way. There starts every woman’s intrinsic love for clothes and more importantly, fashion. And whether our intellectual part accepts our ‘fashion consciousness’ or not, it does not take away from the fact that it is that need to look good that drives us to look out for new trends every season. What we wear in the winter, spring, and summer is determined by the nip in the air and the heat wave, but more so by what is in and what is out. So as the temperature rises and we gulp down glasses of lemonade, what is the prediction for summer cocktail dresses? Here are our top picks as we mark out the best cocktail dresses for summer.

Tips for Cocktail Dresses for Summer

If you are looking out for a summer cocktail dress, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to let the dress be simple and well cut. The embellishments on the dress and the accessories you wear need to be determined depending on the time of the day that the party is being held. Given below are some tips that will help you pick out cocktail dresses for the summer.
If it is a morning affair, and you are attending a summer wedding, then try and choose cocktail attire for women that will let you be comfortable and let your skin breathe. Avoid complicated straps, sequins, shiny adornments, fabrics like satin, etc. Stick to dresses that are made of a fabric that is summer friendly and more importantly, wrinkle free.
For evening cocktails, bring out fabrics such as satin, silk, rayon and fine-gauge knits that work very well. A little bit of bling works for evening wear but if this is the case with your dress, then ensure that you do not over-accessorize. Let the prints of the dress be reminiscent of the season that it is being worn in.
Summer is the season of colors. Ditch the blacks and whites and make new additions to your color palette. Wear a bright summer color like yellow or pink. If colors make you slightly nervous, you can try and experiment with different prints on the dress.
Focus on your accessories. While matching accessories in shades of the same color as your dress work well, try and experiment with the adornments that you wear and make a statement, for example, if you are wearing a green dress, instead of wearing heels in the same color or plain old black, spice it up with wedges in a canary yellow. But make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you wear.
While choosing cocktail party attire is not a Herculean task, choosing a style that flatters you may test your patience. The next section of this article lists out the different styles of cocktail dresses that are in vogue this season.

Cocktail Dresses for the Summer

One-Shoulder Dresses
A one-shoulder dress is the perfect way to flaunt well toned arms and to die for collar bones. Try a summer cocktail dress that has a gathered skirt which flatters and is perfect for someone who does not have a toned belly. If you have a well toned figure, then you could take a leaf out of the books of Hollywood fashionistas and opt for a Goddess dress with a flowing, pleated skirt.

Stretch Side Wrap Dress
The wrap dress has the distinction of being one of the timeless fashion statements in any woman’s wardrobe. Introduced in the 1970s, it was embraced by most celebrities and heralded as the successor to the little black dress. If you are looking for something that will give you the coveted hourglass figure, then a wrap dress in stretch material and in colors like pearl and pastel shades may be the perfect solution.

Groom Dresses for Winter

Parents of the bride and groom are often the second most important people on the wedding. The two mothers especially make a very cute picture with the couple. Needless to say, if you are a mother of the bride or groom, you should take special efforts to look great on your child’s wedding day. A wedding dress goes a long way in making your impression on such an important occasion of your life. Hence, you should give a great deal of thought to your wedding outfit.
Designs for Mother of the Groom Dresses
Black Long Gown for Mother of the Groom
Black Long Gown
Blue Long One Shoulder Dress for Mother of the Groom
Blue Long One Shoulder Dress
Purple Long Halter Dress for Mother of the Groom
Purple Long Halter Dress
Red Long Satin Gown for Mother of the Groom
Red Long Satin Gown

How to Choose Mother of the Groom Dresses for Winter
An old-fashioned etiquette says that mother of the groom should wait for mother of the bride to pick her dress first. Though not absolutely necessary, the style, pattern of the two mothers should have some similarity. Most importantly, they should have the same degree of formality. Hence, if the mother of the bride decides to go for a ball gown, you will invariably have to pick something on the similar lines. A better idea would be to have a talk with the mother of the bride regarding what style, color etc., can suit the two of you. You can then easily come to a consensus. It is also preferable to talk to the bride regarding what kind of dresses she expects at the wedding. Your soon to be daughter-in law would be delighted to guide you regarding your dress selection. The color of the mothers’ dresses is a lighter shade of bridesmaid’s dresses and of similar formality. Hence, if possible have a look at the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Winter weddings have an air of formality about them. Hence, it is best to stick to the traditional wedding dresses. Bold, bright colors are best choice for winter weddings. In this season, darker colors such as maroon, red, blue, green, or pink will look absolutely gorgeous. However, steer clear of any shades of white, ivory, off white etc. If you must, ask the bride if it’s okay with her, because traditionally white is reserved for the bride. Although, black was earlier out of wedding scenario, it is now one of the highly sought after colors. Again, consult the couple regarding the black outfit on their wedding. While wearing a black outfit, make sure to accessorize it heavily.

Fold the Handkerchief for a Classic Look

The handkerchief has gone beyond its basic purpose (used for blowing your nose), and has now become a trendy fashion accessory for men. In fact, it is available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. It serves to complete a man’s formal attire, resting in the breast pocket of the tuxedo, blazer, or suit. If you are dressing for a black tie affair, a good handkerchief, shaped in the right manner, will definitely add more glamor to your overall appearance. Handkerchief folding isn’t just about wrapping a kerchief and placing it in your pocket. The styles in which they can be shaped are numerous.

While it may seem insignificant, you can only tell the difference in your outfit after you have added a well-folded kerchief to it. To transform your outfit, choose from a variety of styles presented here. Keep in mind that the cloth should be well-pressed before you begin the procedure.

The One-Corner Up Fold
This style is best suited for very formal occasions, and should ideally be made with a single colored handkerchief.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Create a triangle by folding it across the center, so that two opposite corners are placed upon one another.
Now, take the left corner of the triangle and fold it halfway inward.
Take the right corner and fold it half way inward, so that it is placed over the left corner.
For a better effect, once you have folded it completely, run the iron over the folds just once. This will hold the entire setting together.
Turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Two-Corner Up Fold
This style is meant to be slightly less formal than the previous one. It is nonetheless as elegant and stylish.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Fold it across the center in a manner that it looks like two triangles placed over each other.
Take the left corner and fold it halfway inward.
Repeat the same step with the right corner.
Iron over the folds once, turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Straight Shell
The straight shell is a pleated pocket square, that looks exactly as it has been named, a shell. It makes for a very classy style.
Place your kerchief on a flat surface, and fold it into half. Again, fold it into a smaller half.
To make a pleat, lift the lower edge of the kerchief and push it slightly upward, and press it well to make a fold. Remember to push and not fold.
Continue the same process until you have pleated the entire handkerchief. Once done, fold the right half, over the left half.
Iron once, over the folds, and place it in your pocket. Adjust it so that the folded edge is visible when placed in the pocket.

Fashion Merchandising

Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Jimmy Choo are some of the many famous fashion designers with the ability to blend the fashion and business with such elegance, that when models walk on ramp wearing their creations, people are enthralled and bemused. However, everything that goes into the creation of a fashion trend involves more hard work and less glamor. A fashion merchandiser knows the knack of bringing together all the areas of the fashion business, and managing it. He designs and develops new products that are unique and innovative, creates sales, and develops marketing plans to make his range of merchandise a success. If you’ve decided that you want to become a fashion merchandiser, world’s best schools for fashion trade root for your success by providing you the best education and training that is required in the cutting-edge environment of the fashion industry. But before we enlist the best educational institutions in the world dedicated to this field, let us first understand what a fashion merchandising institution imparts, in a student who has hots for the latest fashion trends, and wants to take it to the next level with his hard work.

Fashion Merchandising Institutes

Schools that are crème de la crème know the importance of the latest fashion trends, and train their students accordingly. They get their students acquainted with everything that is required to translate their love for fashion designing into a lucrative business career. Hence, for this reason, they offer certifications, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree courses to students who have an eye for the latest fashion trends, and want to frame a successful career in this field.

These schools train their students about the fundamental business principles that are inclusive of retail management, planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, and help them in developing merchandising skills such as apparel analysis, merchandise selection, creation of wall displays, and other presentation tips and tricks. Not only do they focus upon teaching the various disciplines involved , they also help their students learn how to examine market and consumer behavior along with the many factors responsible for a consumer’s buying decisions. After the completion of the course you’ve opted for, you can easily predict the latest trend, and take purchasing decisions. You learn how to manage quality of materials by bringing into use the latest fashion technology for apparel design. The school will train you in such a way that you will be able to confidently embrace all the career opportunities in retail management and merchandising, so that you see yourself working as an integral part of the designing team to create satisfactory store displays. All in all, any training program that you opt for in any of the schools will effectively link the vast business education about fashion and fashion merchandise. They expose you to a number of opportunities that lay a foundation for not only your professional success, but your personal success too. To know what are the names of the most sought-after fashion technology schools across the globe, a list of best merchandising schools is given below.

Fashion Designer

Fashion is an ever changing entity, where nothing remains permanent. So, it is necessary to constantly research about the ongoing trends. Along with the current fashion, one must also be aware of the old fashion styles, so that one can adapt and create new ones. To be a good fashion designer, it is necessary to be creative to imagine something new and innovative. One has to find a balance between new trends and one’s innovative ideas. One should constantly read fashion related articles and magazines, to be up-to-date about the latest fashion trends.
A fashion designer is a person who designs clothes, by closely following latest fashion trends. At fashion shows and fashion weeks, fashion designers exhibit their creations in front of the world. For most people, fashion designing ends there. But, actually fashion designing is much more than that. Fashion designers are not just the ones whose garments appear on fashion shows. In fact, every piece of cloth that we wear, is the work of a designer.
One of the very important things required to become a fashion designer is knowing the technical aspects of designing. For this, it is important to join a course in fashion designing. One can enroll oneself into a college that offers a two or four-year diploma or degree course in fashion designing. To get an admission, you will need to send some of your sketches, along with your application. You would be selected on the basis of whether you have the creativity and the ability to become a fashion designer. The course will help you in developing your skills by giving you knowledge about colors, textures, fabrics, how to use drapes, detailing, etc. Some courses would also teach you to sew and to use computer programs like CAD (Computer-aided design) which would help you in designing on the computer.

In most colleges, students are asked to design clothes for fashion shows conducted by the institution. This is a good way to gain practical experience, as each student is expected to work individually on their outfits, which would be judged by their professors and also experts in the field. Working part-time under a fashion designer, while studying, is also beneficial for career development, as it enables the student to earn some money, whilst gaining invaluable experience.
Working after completing the course may not be as easy as you imagine. To secure an internship, you have to send a portfolio of the work you have done to a fashion house or a mass market retail company. It can be disappointing because you have to work for long hours, but your stipend would be low. After gaining the required experience, one can start ones own boutique. For this, one needs to have business skills, which can be achieved by doing certain business oriented courses, even while doing fashion designing. Many colleges train their fashion designing students in business management, so it would be a good idea to opt for a course which offers training in both – fashion and business.