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We’re Sharing Some Secrets

So you want to be a scene kid? Tip number one: don’t tell anyone that you are a scene kid. Let them label you as one themselves. But how will they do that when you do not have the attitude, dressing style, or interests of a scene kid? Tip number two: fake it! If being one does not come naturally to you, the only option you have is to copy the kids that you see around you.

These kids are loud, confident, and believe in having a good time. They are on all the prominent social networking sites and make hundreds of online friends. Their make-up and dressing sense are very different from regular teen fashion.
Kids of this clique mostly wear tight-fitting t-shirts and skinny jeans. So when you go shopping for clothes, keep this in mind. The t-shirts should have some kind of wording, graphic print, or cartoon on them. Black and white are the most popular colors for scene clothing so include lots of white and black tees in your wardrobe. The jeans can be a regular blue or you can even opt for other bright colors depending upon your choice. If you like experimenting, then you can consider getting a black and white pair of jeans. Pay special attention when shopping for shoes. Opt for various kinds such as checkers, vans, or flats that go well with your jeans and t-shirts.
If you are really young, there is a possibility that your parents might not agree to you putting on make-up. Get lots of accessories instead. Shop for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras. These kids always wear bright-colored chunky jewelry, so make sure whatever you choose is loud and bright. There are some brands which have come up with jewelry collections especially for scene kids, this will save you a lot of time in choosing accessories.
If you are very young, it is better to avoid too much make-up as chemicals in it can affect your young skin. To get the look, go for lip gloss instead of lipstick. These kids do heavy eye make up with lots of mascara, eye shadows, and eye liners. To make your eyes stand out, you can invest in an eyelash curler instead. Apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes before curling as it will make your lashes thicker. Once you get a bit older, you can use scene makeup ideas and start experimenting with neon eyeliner, foundation, blush, and lipstick.

Scene hair involves lots of bangs and layers. You will need to go to a stylist to get such a haircut. Carry a photo of scene hair with you and show it to the stylist so that she knows exactly what you want. Once you have the haircut, you can style your hair in whichever way you like with clips, bows, extensions, and hairspray.

Men’s Fashion Magazines

Putting fashion and men in the same sentence can seem like a bit of a mismatch. Most guys take their prejudices where the words fashion and style are concerned, to unimaginable heights. And the reason is often something as silly as ‘women perceive men interested in fashion as feminine’. Let’s set the record straight here. I speak for most women when I say that women love a guy who makes an effort to be well-dressed and stylish. We love men who know their clothes, their brands, and their designers. It is a welcome change from guys who might as well be relics from the Ice Age who believe that being particular about their clothes is a ‘woman’ thing, and they can continue wearing the same clothes they wore in high school and still have women swooning over them. Being fashion-conscious is a good thing and it is high time these guys manned up.

A guy who is willing to give it a go and embrace style and fashion needs some good advice along the way. And the best way to do that is to browse through some of the most popular and well-known fashion publications in the market. These magazines are style guides that talk about elegant living. No one expects you to strut your stuff in a button-less shirt and heavy eye makeup. But we would like it if you turned up in a pair of well-fitting trousers, a good shirt, and most importantly, a pair of great shoes. Here are our top picks for magazines that tell you how you can define your look, and be your presentable best at all times.

Note: For the purpose of this article we have focused on magazines published in English.


First issue published in: 1933
Owned by: Hearst Magazines
Frequency: Monthly

What you can expect inside
Cover stories on prominent men in the world and their lives
Features on politics, movies, music, health, etc.
A fiction section that continuously promotes young talent, and has featured writers like Raymond Carver and Elizabeth Gilbert in the past

Why you should read it

Esquire is the kind of magazine that keeps our faith in men’s fashion magazines alive. While focusing on fashion and style with beautiful pictorials, it never dumbs down its content. It is meant for the classy, refined man’s man who knows what he wants and knows how to ask for it. With intelligently written features on a diverse range of subjects, the magazine plays it hip.

Check them out online at:


First issue published in: 1958
Owned by: Condé Nast Publications
Frequency: Monthly

What you can expect inside
‘How to’ guides on dressing correctly for different occasions (and occasional penny-pincher features)
Trends taking the world by storm
Advice for living life king-size

Why you should read it

Originally called Gentleman’s Quarterly, GQ focuses on style, fashion, and culture through articles on a variety of related, yet diverse subjects. If you pride yourself on being more of a hipster, then GQ’s fashion tips will sit right at home with you. They also have brilliant photo editorials, very few ads, and quite a few thought-provoking articles on different events that affect today’s world.

Fashion Advice Men

When it comes to fashion, style, and dressing in a trendy way, most men find themselves at sea. I have seen many men who still dress up the way they used to during college, although now they are well into their late twenties! What most men don’t realize is that with a bit of creativity, they can completely turn around the way they look and dress up.
Dress Your Age
It is very important that a man dresses his age. For instance, a low cut jeans would look great on a teen or a 20 something guy, but the same on a forty or fifty year old, no matter how maintained or toned his body is, would look ridiculous.
Make Comfort Your priority
Your clothing should be such that you are completely at ease in it. Comfortable clothes, more than any of the trendy ones, will make you look much more confident and stylish any day! So, avoid blindly running after brands and latest trends. Instead, develop your own unique, comfortable dressing style.
Get the Correct Fit
Always buy clothes which fit on perfectly, i.e., they should be neither too loose nor too tight. The right fit for you would be that which hides your flaws such as a paunch and fits in nicely on the entire body.
Wear Right Colors
When you are young, all colors ranging from pink to blue to red, look good on you. After all, youth is the time for experiments and exuberance. However, as you age, you should buy clothes of only those colors which look flattering on you. Wear colors such as browns, black, and pastel shades.

Maintain a Wardrobe
There are some clothes which are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. These include a formal suit, a white shirt, black pants, a pair of well fitting jeans, khakis, a leather jacket, a chic casual shirt, an overcoat, formal shoes, and sneakers. You can pair them with any outfit or wear them individually.
If you thought that accessories are meant just for women, you are highly mistaken. These days, lots of accessories such as unique neck pieces, bracelets, watches, rings, cuff-links and belts are available, which can jazz up any outfit. However, one thing you should be cautious of is over accessorizing. As a rule, do not wear more than three accessories at a time.
Be Well-Groomed
Stay well-groomed. Take a bath every day, shave regularly, shampoo often, wear polished shoes, and ironed clothes. Getting a neat, good haircut can do wonders for the way a man looks, so go to a hair stylist and get one which suits your personality and the shape of your face. A well-groomed man, irrespective of whether he is wearing stylish clothes or not, looks appealing!
Here’s hoping that with these tips you can make your own fashion statement by dressing appropriately.